CBS H2H Mock for 2018

Fantasy has truly become a year-round industry, not so much because every sport, has a comparable Fantasy variation one can play. But baseball, initially, and then football–which is actually more widely played than baseball–were what the industry was based upon.

And, in the old days–as in even as recently as five years ago–once baseball season ended, all energies could then be focused upon football, at least till the winter meetings, at the soonest. No longer. Each takes almost year-round tracking and speculation and writing, so that even though it is a little over three months till pitchers and catchers report, Mock Baseball Drafts are happening all over.

Last week, Scott White, of CBS Sportline, held his organization’s first mock of the year and it was a 12-team based upon a H2H points format (click here for rules).

As with past mocks this year, I am working hard at exploiting #3 and #5-tier hurlers, but specifically young ones, with upside. Meaning Zack Godley over Ervin Santana in the seventh round or so, but I am still happy to have Erv in the 14th round.

Aside from that, I tried to go straight for power and OBP with my hitters, thinking defense almost as an afterthought.

Here is the squad, by round. We picked a 16-man roster with a five-player reserve (eight position players, Utility, five, starting pitchers, two relievers, and the bench).

  1. Clayton Kershaw (SP): Yes, I said power, but Kershaw has that and he is an anchor.
  2. Trea Turner (SS): On-base, stealing, hitting, running, and even defensive skills.
  3. Khris Davis (OF): Back-to-back 40 homer seasons says a lot.
  4. Nelson Cruz (UT): Another potential 40-homer guy, Cruz is aging, but not done.
  5. Kenley Jensen (RP): H2H and saves are worth seven points, as much as a win.
  6. Joey Gallo (3B): I am buying in on the .357 OBP and .929 OPS Gallo had second half.
  7. Zach Godley (SP): 165 whiffs over 155 IP last year bodes well.
  8. Kyle Hendricks (SP): He’s pretty good and consistent.
  9. Brandon Belt (1B): A down year, but still a pretty good .355 OBP.
  10. D.J.LeMahieu (2B): Not a lot of pop, but an on-base machine with 60 doubles over last two years.
  11. Eddie Rosario (OF): .290-27-78 year w/20 steal potential.
  12. Odubel Herrera (OF): .281-14-56 w/41 doubles last year is a lot like Rosario.
  13. Kevin Gausman (SP): I believe the 6-5, 3.41 second-half w/96 K over 89.6 IP.
  14. Russell Martin (C): At a certain point in such a league catchers are like kickers in football.
  15. Ervin Santana (SP): It gets thin and Erv does know how to pitch.
  16. Dellin Betances (RP): In this format Betances can exploit IP, K, W, and the occasional save.
  17. Steven Souza (Res 1): Not sure if his 30 homers were a fluke, but pretty sure he can hit 20.
  18. Asdrubel Cabrera (Res 2): Decent offense and he plays all over which is good with a short roster.
  19. Walker Buehler (Res 3): Killer starting pitching prospect.
  20. Deniel Mengden (Res 4): With 3-1, 1.54 September, the righty with the Rollie ‘stache has arrived.
  21. Evan Gattis (Res 5): Need an extra catcher, and there you are.

Click here for a look at the overall draft.

Next week we will return to our tour of the top players in each of the minor leagues.

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