To Drop Jordy, Or Not To Drop Jordy?

To Drop Jordy or Not To Drop Jordy (That is the question)? Whether tis nobler in the Fantasy mind to suffer the weak performance of single digit points? Or to assail ego preservation and by opposing it, drop him.

How do I decide if I should drop my “stud,” Jordy? I could try to trade him but I won’t get a good return. I could try to bundle Jordy in a trade but then I would have to give up a “stud” to get a player I probably don’t really want.

Currently, Jordy Nelson continues to take up a roster spot only because he is Jordy Nelson; I’m holding on to the days when Jordy was a “stud “earning double digit points. Since Aaron Rodgers was injured (Week 6), Jordy has not reached double-digit points in a standard PPR format. Below is a look at my “stud” WR’s numbers, post Aaron Rodgers.

Week Opponent Points (PPR)
7 New Orleans Saints 2.3
9 Detroit Lions 7.5
10 Chicago Bears 5.0


In shor, Luke Kuechly is getting me more points than the “stud.” Jordy has become like a Corvette when you put baby seat in it: it’s no longer sexy. Yet, I still keep him. Even with five players on bye, I did not drop him. Why? Well, there’s the old cliché: I know he’s going to change.  And, from the possessive girlfriend perspective, I just don’t want anyone else to have my “stud” on their team. I keep imagining someone else rostering Jordy, and he actually does change and then I lose in the playoffs to the person that now has my “stud.”

Taking the emotion away, what do the numbers say? Maybe, Jordy faced some really tough defenses, and let’s not forget that his QB was Hundley. So, I looked at Green Bay’s opposing team points allowed to WRs the five weeks prior to their match up ( I chose five weeks prior so that the sample size was decent but the numbers weren’t affected by factors early in the season).

The Saints were ranked 15th giving up 33.5 points per game to receivers, so, it wasn’t the best match up but Jordy is a “stud.” The Lions were ranked 9th giving up 34.17 points per game to WRs but apparently not to Jordy. The Bears were ranked 31st only giving up 22.15 points per game to receivers. I’ll give Jordy a pass since the Bears are strong against wide outs and he did get 5 points which was more than the 2.3 points against the Lions. Maybe Hundley is getting better or maybe the chemistry is coming along or maybe I’m reaching for a reason to keep my “stud.”

I had almost found the strength to pull the trigger but wanted to check one more thing. Since playoffs are only a few weeks away, I wanted to see what the opposing teams Jordy would face. Below are the Packers opposing teams for the rest of the Fantasy Football season

11 Baltimore Ravens 29 23.25
12 Pittsburgh Steelers 10 34.13
13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13 32.8
14 Cleveland Browns 17 29.88
15 Carolina Panthers 27 26.77
16 Minnesota Vikings 20 28.73

Weeks 12-14 look very intriguing. It is possible that my “stud” Jordy could get me past the first round of playoffs. Dropping him may help someone to make the playoffs. Once playoffs start, I know there’s a very slight chance that I would let Jordy go onto someone else’s roster. It’s playoffs!

I tried to talk myself into letting Jordy go, but I think I will continue to hang on to my “stud.” The Packers upcoming schedule has potential opportunity for Jordy. It’s still possible that Hundley and Nelson begin to connect. Given Green Bay’s running back situation, Hundley will have to throw the ball.

And if that happens, Jordy will once again be the “stud” I traded I traded away Deshaun Watso) for. The stars are beginning to align for Jordy and me.

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