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CREATiVESPORTS is an award winning site, both in terms of fantasy content, and fantasy game playing.

Founded in 1996 by Lawr Michaels, CREATiVESPORTS has been a leader in providing in-depth strategy, analysis, research, and applications to the advanced fantasy baseball player since the site's inception.

In 2009, CREATiVESPORTS merged with Todd Zola and Mastersball, but this year Lawr and Todd decided to separate so Lawr could focus on writing and support a host of sports and supporting fantasy games, while Todd explores baseball numbers and trends in his inimitable style (you will be able to purchase Todd's Platinum Package via the CREATiVESPORTS site).

As for CREATiVESPORTS 2.0, we have a host of new and talented writers covering the NFL, MLB, NBA, EPL, PGA, and NCAA football and hoops with the NHL on the horizon.

CREATiVESPORTS will continue to be a free site until 1/1/2018 when access to all articles will cost $9.95 with the day's featured articles and DFS being delivered to the subcriber's inbox for $12.95.

We will still feature free daily DFS picks, FAAB reports from LABR and Tout Wars, and other regular pieces for free as we continue to try and provide entertaining, thoughtful, well written analysis and strategy articles supporting the games and sports you love the most.

Lawr Michaels has been a player in the fantasy world since he began working with fantasy publishing pioneer, John Benson in 1993. He has written for the STATS Scouting Notebook, CBS Sportsline.com, MSNBC.com, Total Sports, KFFL, MLB.com, and many other sites and periodicals over the past 25 years.

In 1996 Lawr founded CREATiVESPORTS, and in 2009 his company merged with Mastersball, but effective 11/1/17 Creativesports 2.0 launched and Lawr returned his focus to fantasy writing and analysis with a new gaggle of writers looking at Soccer, Baseball, Football, Hoops, Golf, Hockey and the games we play based upon those games.

Dubbed “The Zen Master” following his surprise 2001 AL Tout Wars win (Lawr also won in 2009) Lawr was a principle character in Sam Walker's 2005 book Fantasyland and he continues to be a vital voice at the center of the Fantasy universe. In fact, you can tune into his radio show, The Tout Wars Hour every Thursday at 9-11 PM ET (6-8 PT) on the FNTSY Sports Network. Lawr, who plays bass in the Biletones lives in El Cerrito, Ca. with his wife Diane Walsh and their pups, Pavlov, Jeep, and JJ.

Follow Lawr on Twitter @lawrmichaels.

Marc Meltzer completed ten years as the lead Fantasy Football writer for CreativeSports.com and is a contributing writer for baseball.  Marc’s weekly football contributions include the weekly Hotpage and NFFC Zone.  Marc’s baseball contributions include spring training coverage from Florida, NL East updates, and Florida State League minor league reports.  Marc has been a major contributor and editor of the Fantasy Football Guide since 2002.  Moving forward with Mastersball.com, Marc has a variety of roles including the Closer Report.

Marc has been an avid fantasy sports player for over 20 years with multiple championships in football, baseball, and basketball.  2009 was a great season for fantasy football, as Marc finished 3rd overall in the NFFC Primetime and 5th overall in the NFFC Online.

In real life, Marc is married with two children and is a Senior Software Technical Leader for Belcan Engineering in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida working on the latest and greatest in aircraft control system technology. Marc holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and an MBA from Embry-Riddle University. Readers can contact him at Briellenoa@aol.com .

Brian Walton is one of the managing principals of Creativesports.com, where he writes a weekly column. He also contributes to the Fantasy Baseball Guide while competing in the XFL, Xperts Fantasy League, and National League LABR.

Brian was the 2009 National League Tout Wars champion, scoring the most points in the league’s history.

His work can also be found daily at TheCardinalNation.com, where he writes about the St. Louis Cardinals and their minor league system.

You can find Brian on Twitter @B_Walton.

Phil Naessens is a semi-retired former tennis academy owner and tennis professional. He is also a Freelance Sports  Writer having his work published in several places across the web. Phil also hosts the weekly sports show the Phil Naessens Show and co-hosts the weekly Memphis Grizzlies and NBA show Beyond the Arc with Memphis Flyer reporter Kevin Lipe,

You can find Phil on Twitter @flashtennis31

Born in Europe, Pasko Varnica has never forgotten his first love, soccer. Pasko is an avid follower of all things pertinent to the World’s most popular sport.

Within the fantasy world, Varnica has introduced the individual players’ statistics as apart of his analysis of fantasy soccer, an innovation that is probably due to his background in fantasy baseball.

Pasko began playing fantasy baseball in 1992 in a local league. Since then he has played at national levels, e.g. NFBC and KFFL. Today he represents Creativesports2 in the CBS Analyst league where he competes against CBS fantasy baseball writers.

Pasko began writing for the old CREATiVESPORTS, then moved to Mastersball and is now happily back with the newly revamped Creativesports2.

Pasko also writes about sports in ancient Rome, in particular about chariot racing. His web site is  Sports in Antiquity.

Follow  Pasko @Varnica123

Zach Steinhorn has been playing fantasy sports since the turn of the century. A graduate of New York University, where he majored in Journalism, Zach served as a writer and broadcaster for WNYU Sports radio.

Since 2007, Zach has worked for MLB.com, first as a production assistant for the MLB.com Fantasy 411 show and more recently as a fantasy writer. He continues to dish out daily advice throughout the season to fans on the Fantasy 411 Blog and understands that he will be held fully responsible should their teams sink in the standings. Zach has served as a writer and editor for Mastersball since 2011. In 2012, Zach began participating in Tout Wars, and he won the Mixed Auction league in 2016. A native New Yorker and lifelong Yankee fan, Zach roots hard for his team…except when they are facing one of his fantasy starting pitchers.

Follow Zach on Twitter @ZachMLB

Greg Morgan has been playing fantasy baseball and football for 10 years. In baseball he has amassed an NFBC top 10 finish, two top 10's in the WCOFB (co-managed by Mastersball veteran Perry Van Hook), one championship and two 3rd place finishes in the NFBC Ultimate Auction, and numerous other high stakes championships. In football he has a top 10 finish in the FFPC, two top 5's in the FFOC, and finished 1st overall in 'The Draft' championship.

Greg worked in the IT field for 14 years as a network administrator and IT Manager. He is also an avid drummer and has played over a dozen years with Nashville vocalist and recording artist Eric Dove. He currently lives in the Columbus, Ohio area with his wonderful wife Melanie, a Jack Russell terrier, and a Newfoundland/Retriever mix dog. Greg holds a BA in History from Cedarville University.

Danny Cross has been playing fantasy football and baseball since the early 2000s and contributes weekly articles on football, baseball and college hoops for CreativeSports.com.

Danny has a bachelors degree from the University of Cincinnati, where he covered football and UC basketball during the Bob Huggins days. After earning a master’s in journalism at the University of Oregon, he ended up as the editor in chief of Cincinnati’s altweekly newspaper, CityBeat. Danny has won awards for news reporting and investigative projects over the years and enjoys watching, playing and writing about sports.

He is a Reds and Bearcats basketball fan but doesn’t really care about the Bengals either way.

Follow Danny at @_dannycross_.